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Redwood EdVentures is your link to everything fun and fascinating — for children, youth and the young at heart — related to the California Coastal Redwoods. Click on Slick the Slug to check out all the Redwood EdVentures quests you can take, and use the menus to find other exciting resources to help you enjoy the wonders of the North Coast!

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Redwood EdVentures was recently featured on the KIEM-TV NewsChannel 3 evening news! Check out the clip below, or on the KIEM website.

Salmon in the Classroom

Instructors and their students set up an aquarium in the classroom, receive fish eggs under a special CDFW permit, and observe the fish as they hatch and develop. The experience may culminate in a field trip to a local stream or river where the fish are released. This is a hands-on, interdisciplinary project for grades K-12. Locally, about 30 teachers in 25 schools across Humboldt County participate.

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 What's Happening

California Regional Environmental Education Community
Education and the Environment (EEI) Educators Workshop
Thursday, May 7 | 4 - 6 p.m. | Humboldt County Office of Education
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This is a fun, hands-on, introductory professional development workshop on the Education and the Environment Initiative that trains both teachers and environmental education providers in how to utilize this model curriculum now being used by schools throughout California.

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